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The Skies Above Canada Foundation

As a Federally Registered Charity, our activities focus on public education and scientific research, and on distributing our educational materials to the public and government. Founded in 1993, the foundation has undertaken ambitious projects, including:

1994 - Staging a major conference on Ozone Depletion and Ultra Violet Radiation. The conference brought together leading scientists from as far away as Australia, Hawaii and Washington, D.C. A unique feature of the conference was the production of 7 hours of educational TV Shows. Participants at the conference included the entire student body from Cedar Hill Junior High School, the CBC and CTV National reporters, broadcasting live from the conference, and journalists from the Weather Network, Vancouver Sun and the Global Environmental Reporter. Thanks to the generous financial help from Tasma Lacroix, the proceedings of the conference have been reprinted three times and distributed to schools and libraries across North America.

1995 – 1998 Sponsored "Acting Locally" a TV Series featuring environmental leaders and solutions (25 half-hour programs on Shaw TV).

1996 – Staged a conference on "International Environmental Law – Evolution and Enforcement" at UVic Law School featuring leading educators, including Judge Ulf Panzer from Germany.

1997 – Produced "From Carbon Cycle to Bicycle - Sharing Responsibility for Global Climate Change". The conference brought together 45 speakers and highlights were produced into 11 hours of TV.

1998 – In May staged the "Environmental Law in Canada" conference at UVIC Law School, highlights of which were produced into 8 hours of TV Shows. In September and October we staged a six-evening lecture series at UVIC on toxic chemicals and protecting our health featuring top experts from around the world.

2000 – The "Climates of Change Congress" at the University of Victoria brought together business and science leaders from around the world to present the latest information on climate change and chart a course to a sustainable and healthy future. The congress attracted 14 network TV crews and was broadcast across Canada twice on CPAC.

It is the support from members and contributors that has made the Skies Above Canada Foundation a force for environmental education in Canada and around the World. We are currently working in concert with the Climate Institute, Washington, D. C. in informing individuals and organizations on the prospects of Antarctic Continental Collapse. For more information visit the website of the Climate Institute: See the online newsletter Climate Alert especially the May-June 1995 issue on Antarctica. Also see select: science | Nova | Warnings in the Ice.

Skies Above Canada Foundation
903 Dawn Lane
Victoria, British Columbia V6G 3K7
ph: 250-391-9223

Federal Charitable Registration Number: 898877592 RR0001

Thank you for your help in carrying out this work!
– Bruce Torrie, Executive Director

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