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Immediate Release: February 4, 2004

Liberal Lawyer's House Burglary Follows Briefings on Organized Crime

VANCOUVER - The Victoria home of Bruce Torrie was burgled last weekend, three weeks after he began briefing high-placed Liberals about the possible infiltration of the Liberal Party of Canada by organized crime. Bruce Torrie is the former Legal Counsel to the Liberal Party of Canada (B.C.) and the Liberal Party of B.C., as well as the former President of the Vancouver Centre Provincial Liberal Riding Assocation, and the former Policy Chair of the Liberal Party of B.C.

"Police tell me that this was the work of professionals, who cut phone lines to disable the alarm system," said Torrie. "They left almost everything of real value, taking only three large jars of pocket change and a few other items. They found two secret hiding places in my home that I didn't even know existed, and turned my house upside down apparently looking for information."

Torrie has been briefing high-placed Liberal Party officials and activists from his Vancouver home since January 9, and believes the burglary is related to his briefings.

"After the RCMP raid on the B.C. Legislature, it's no secret that police are investigating organized crime at the highest levels of Canadian society," said Torrie. "I think organized crime was trying to find out what I know about their activities within the Liberal Party of Canada." Torrie believes that there are two crime rings fighting for control within the Liberal Party of Canada, and that several prominent politicians and party functionaries are, "patsies or proxies for organized crime."

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The burglary is being investigated by the RCMP. Media outlets wishing to gain access to the crime scene in Victoria are asked to schedule an appointment through Bruce Torrie.

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Bruce Torrie, 604.685.0222
RCMP, 250.474.2264 (file no. 20041551)

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